First Responders – Veterans – LGBTQ+ Treatment

Focused Therapy

Although addiction is a complex condition that affects each individual differently, some populations face a set of more unique challenges when it comes to substance misuse and getting treatment.

All are welcome at Vanity Wellness Center however; we realize that many of us come from backgrounds that share a common bond and experiences that can benefit from a focused approach to recovery. Call us today to get started.

LGBTQ+ Focused Therapy

A safe and welcoming environment is what you will experience at Vanity Wellness Center. The LGBTQ community faces various risk factors for addiction and barriers to treatment that other groups simply do not, making them exceptionally vulnerable to substance misuse. Whether you are LGBTQ yourself or know someone who is, understanding more about LGBTQ addiction recovery can save a life. Call us today to get started.

First Responder Focused Therapy

First responders are at the forefront of addressing natural disasters and other threats, always arriving first at the scene of an emergency and proudly serving their community. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, and others working in public safety departments, all put their lives on the line for the general population, day in and day out.

The immense stress our first responders go through can make them extremely susceptible to substance abuse. We are here to help those that give so much to all of us. Call us today to get started

Veteran Focused Therapy

For many Veterans, returning to civilian life can be a challenge – many veterans self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. All too often, this coping strategy becomes alcoholism or substance use disorder. The veteran will now struggle with addiction complicated by co-occurring disorders. co-occurring disorders, refers to those experiencing alcoholism or substance use disorder as well as mental health disorders including PTSD, anxiety and more. We can help, Call us today to get started (866) 587-1737