My art is about the ways we connect.  Every painting is an effort to find common ground with the viewer.  Whether it be through light and shadow, color, or the message in the work, the focus is commonalities.  Artwork transcends borders, skin color and material differences.  It can be a tool for Good, and that’s my aim.

Light and Shadow are a main focus of mine.  Light and shadow are key to an image.  It’s the first thing that we see when we observe a 3D object.  It’s how we can recognize a friend walking a ways away, or how we see out of the corner of our eye and know exactly who’s there.  Light and shadow build our understanding of form.  These things are essential, and they fall and reflect on all of us in exactly the same way, no matter our background.

Color is something all humans can relate to.  The color palette is a spectrum that has infinite variation to it.  Color creates effects in us in terms of emotion and energy, and combinations work in different ways to achieve different effects.  Color is a metaphor for life on this planet in terms of the variety and beauty.  All of this and more go into my work