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  • Life skills and tools to stay sober
  • Personalized aftercare plans
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Do you worry about what happens after you leave? Is relapsing after treatment one of your greatest fears? That’s perfectly understandable. Your time at a treatment center only lasts but so long, so you need an effective aftercare treatment for substance abuse that lasts. Here at Vanity Wellness Center, that’s exactly what we can provide. From the moment you arrive here, we begin putting together an aftercare treatment that will help you to lead the life that you want after your time here.

The Importance of Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare is, essentially, a plan that helps to support someone in the early stages of recovery outside of a facility, so as to prevent relapse as they begin their new life. Our goal is to equip everyone who comes to Vanity Wellness Center with the tools and life skills that they need so as to stay clear, sober, and happy, one day at a time throughout the rest of their life. When you make the transition outside of Vanity Wellness Center, you don’t do so alone.

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What May Be Included in Your Aftercare

Everyone’s aftercare program, just as their treatment was, is different. So many from Vanity Wellness Center stay in our alumni program, keeping in touch with and supporting those they went through our center with. By that same token, your aftercare may involve attending individual counseling sessions, group ones, staying in a sober living facility, finding a sober mentor/sponsor, putting together a support system that you can really trust, and so much more. Long before you leave Vanity Wellness Center, we put together an aftercare plan for you that you can follow on your journey.

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How We Create Your Aftercare Treatment for Substance Abuse Plan

While you’re here at Vanity Wellness Center, you’ll meet with experienced members of our team who will help you to craft this plan. They’ll take into account everything that’s unique about your situation: your employment, continued treatment, housing situation, and so much more. By taking all of your needs into account, they’ll be in the best position to build you an aftercare plan that can actually serve you best. Vanity Wellness Center is an important step in your recovery, but it’s just a first step. With the right aftercare plan, it can be the first step towards the life that you want to lead. For more info or to start the intake process, call (866) 587-1737.

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