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Discharge Planning

Do you want to go to a treatment facility for your addictions, but are worried about what’s going to happen afterward? When you think about getting clean and sober, are you concerned about how you’ll stay that way after treatment? These worries, shared by so many, are just common sense. At Vanity Wellness Center, we do everything in our power to help you to get sober here, and then build the kinds of skills that you’ll need to stay that way. However, we know this is just the beginning. With our discharge planning, we can help you to lead the life you want after your time at the Vanity Wellness Center too.


Be a part of a community

Why Discharge Planning is Important

When we plan for someone’s discharge, our main goal is to minimize the likelihood that the client will relapse or have to return to some form of care. Additionally, we want to assist our clients in re-entering their communities, too. When you come to the Vanity Wellness Center, you’re a part of our community. That doesn’t stop just because you’ve completed treatment here. We plan for you to have a successful discharge as well as a successful life.

How Plan for Discharge at Vanity Wellness

Just as everyone’s addiction and situation are different, so too are their plans for discharge. Just about everyone’s will include life skills training, getting involved in our alumni programs, and similar. We can also help to set up continued care and therapy in one form or another. When you’re here at Vanity Wellness Center, we see our work as helping you to build a foundation. It can be strong, it can be sturdy, but the rest of the work comes when you leave here. We do everything in our power to help you to have everything you need to build on that foundation to lead the life that you want.

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Planning for Your Success Long Before You Leave

Of course, planning for your discharge doesn’t start just a few days before you’ve successfully completed your treatment or anything like that. Instead, it begins practically from the moment you arrive. That way, you’ll be as prepared as possible. To that end, we’ll design a discharge plan that meets your needs and your news alone. This isn’t just about “telling you what you’ve already learned,” or anything of that nature. Rather, it’s about carefully considering exactly what your needs are so as to build a framework of what your healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle can be. To learn more or start the process, call (866) 587-1737

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