Group Therapy

  • Guided by our licensed therapists
  • Therapists with decades of combined experience
  • Receive support from those who are going through the same struggles
  • Increase self-awareness in a community
  • Learn how to express concerns and accept criticism

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Group Therapy

Have you tried individual therapy and found that it’s just not for you? Or, alternatively, have you gone to individual therapy and, while you found it beneficial, would also want to explore a group setting as well? Group therapy works for people in different ways. Here at the Vanity Wellness Center, we’ve cultivated a safe, supportive environment for group therapy. Guided by our licensed therapists, you’ll be able to experience all of the advantages of therapy in a group setting.

Give and Receive

Those are two of the major benefits of therapy in our groups. You can receive support from all of those who are going through the same struggles you are. If they’ve been with us longer than you, for example, they might be further along in their journey. So, they can support you with their unique, hard-won experience. By that same token, you can support others as well. We can’t tell you how many times someone has come to our groups, thinking it wasn’t for them, only to learn from someone who had been in their shoes not all that long ago. Then, shortly thereafter, that former “newbie” was able to support the growth of someone newer to the group.

Group Therapy Experience

To make sure that our groups run as effectively and efficiently as they could, we have hired a truly top-notch team of therapists. With years of experience and all the proper licensing/training, they’re able to guide the group in a way that’s both safe and supportive. In a group, there are many different points of view, people that come from different walks of life. Our expert therapists can make all of this work for the betterment of the group as well as the individuals; learning how to express concerns while accepting criticism from others is just one of the many important life skills these sessions can help with.

Development and Growth

Many patients are surprised to discover how much their self-awareness grows while in a group. By listening to others with similar concerns, you can take an entirely different view of your own life. Building stronger socialization and communication skills is just one of the many positive developments that can come out of this therapy. We can help, Call us today to get started (866) 587-1737


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