Outpatient Detoxification

  • Guided by our professional medical staff
  • Best for those unable to commit to time-demanding residential treatment
  • Continue work, education, and social life while in detox process
  • As effective as an inpatient detox

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Outpatient Detox

Do you want to stop drinking or abusing drugs but can’t? Does it feel like every time you try to stop you’re unable to do it? That doesn’t make you “weak” or anything like that in the slightest. When you’re struggling with addiction, it can be impossible and/or unsafe to stop. However, if you find that you can’t even cut back usage, much less quit, then you should absolutely go through a detoxification process, as overseen by medical professionals. That said, you might be like so many in that you’re not in a position to leave your life for a residential treatment. That’s where our outpatient treatment detox can help.

outpatient detox - continue your job or education

Continue your education or job while you detox

How Outpatient Detox Works

With our outpatient detox, many of our clients will come to our facility in the morning to have their detox overseen by our medical professionals. They’ll make sure that everything is progressing properly, that you’re safe and healthy as the detox goes on. Then, you’ll go back home to continue detoxing throughout the rest of the day. That way, you can see your family, continue working your job, pursuing your education, or anything else that you need to do while making sure that you’re getting sober, too.

Effective Outpatient Treatment

There is a misconception many have that outpatient detox is less effective than inpatient detox. That’s simply not true. Rather, it’s a question of “finding the right tool for the job,” so to speak. There are many who, due to their unique, personal circumstances, are a better fit for outpatient detox than they would be for inpatient detox. So, their best method of treatment is to have their detox directed by our medical staff but to do much of it outside of our facility. We see it as one more way to help our clients to have the best treatment for their needs.

The Right Choice for You

Just because our outpatient detox allows you to do much of it from home, that doesn’t mean that detox will be “easy.” Indeed, there’s no such thing as an “easy detox.” But, by allowing our medical staff to help with your detox, we can make sure that it’s less difficult and challenging than it might be elsewhere. When you reach out to us, our medical professionals will give you a thorough examination. From there, we’ll determine whether you’ll be a good fit for our outpatient detox. To learn more or to start the process, you can reach us at (866) 587-1737.

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