Top 5 Signs of an Addict

Did you ever wonder this question? Am I an addict?

Here are our top 5 signs of an addict.

Drug and alcohol addiction can create a plethora of negative consequences. Addiction is defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as a brain disease that is complex, chronic, and involves both brain circuitry and dysfunctional behaviors. There are signs that are obvious, and others you may not notice. Here is our list of the top 5 ways to find out if you have an addiction problem.

Inability to stop

#1 The Inability to Stop

The first sign may be obvious. The inability to stop using drugs or alcohol, even though you want to, is a strong indication of a problem. You might attempt to quit or have a strong urge to do so yet fail in your attempts.

#2 Changes in Your Personality

This sign might be hard to notice. There are changes in appetite. Angry Outbursts. Paranoia, and even decreased motivation to do the things you once loved. The reason this sign is so subtle is that it borders on the brink of depression. Depression and substance abuse have been known to go hand in hand.

Changes in your personality

#3 Cravings

One of the more obvious signs of substance abuse is cravings. Do you crave to use substances? Do you feel you need it? Then you might have a problem.

#4 Centering

Do you center your activities and interactions around your substance abuse? This has been known to negatively impact your relationship with others. Some may even argue that this may be the worst sign of substance abuse of them all.

Using Drugs for reasons other than medical

#5 Using Drugs for Reasons Other Than Medical

There are times when we have been prescribed drugs to help with pain or ailments. The issue here is when you find yourself using these for reasons other than medical-related instances.

Still Unsure?

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Am I an addict? Quiz

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