It is that time of year, we begin to reflect on what we have been doing all year. The holidays this time of year bring joy and stress. We begin to worry about what family members will think of us. Wondering if we can afford to get everyone gifts. We find ourselves absorbed in the holiday’s chaos. We may be struggling with addiction on top of holiday stress. The beginning of a new year brings in new opportunities. There is no better time to kick the addiction and start the new year addiction free. 

           Holiday stress can make it feel impossible to want to get sober. After all the substance we abuse helps us deal with stress. Friends and family throw parties that encourage our addiction. It is hard to want to quit anything while out having fun and enjoying the holiday season. We want to be a part of everyone having fun. Instead of indulging in addiction through parties and gatherings, getting sober should be the priority. Loved ones want nothing more than to see us as our best selves. There are ways to get sober while dealing with the holidays. The first is admitting there is a substance addiction and seeking help. 

Why pursue Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment?

Finding a substance abuse addiction treatment center is going to be beneficial in successfully stopping addiction. Stopping an addiction ‘cold turkey’ can be dangerous even fatal without the right care. There is a stronger risk of relapse without the proper guidance to prevent it. Studies show that 40 to 60% of people relapse. Relapse means returning to the addiction after stopping it. Seeking addiction recovery therapy will help ensure ways of preventing relapse. The benefits substance abuse addiction treatment centers offer include medical aid, therapy, support systems, and much more. Which type of substance abuse addiction treatment center is needed is going to be based on the severity of the addiction. 


What are the Types of Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment? 

Substance abuse treatment consists of detox, inpatient, sober living, and outpatient. Depending on the facility there are different varieties within these treatments to help aid in recovery. 

  • Detox – can be from 5 to 7 days. Detoxing involves cleansing the body of the substance. Medical professionals are there to aid when any problems arise. 
  • Inpatient treatment- last from 30 – 90 days depending on the individual it is a controlled environment to focus on substance abuse and any mental health conditions. Here there is 24-hour care medical or emotional.
  • Outpatient treatment– can be from 3 to 6 months or up to a year. There are two different outpatient treatment programs partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program. Partial hospitalization is an intensive outpatient treatment that involves 5- 6 hours of treatment each day for 5-6 days a week. This treatment helps stabilize behavior in recovery. Intensive outpatient programs allow the individual to return to daily life. Only attend 3 hours of treatment per day 3-5 days a week.
  • Sober Living – can be from 90 days minimum to 6 months or a year. Sober living homes are for people who are sober from their substance abuse and need an environment in which they can stay clean. Sober living offers a safe place to focus on recovery. Being around people who have similar experiences can help make the transition to sobriety easier and relapse absent. 

How To Know What Addiction Treatment Is Right for You?

           Detoxing is always going to be the first step. The substance needs to be absent from the body to be clean. Depending on the substance abused, detoxing can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, detox centers have 24-hour professional substance abuse medical doctors around to provide care. Inpatient treatment will be a good option if there are underlying medical and mental health issues. Sometimes home is not a suitable place to sober up, and going to inpatient treatment is the best option. Outpatient treatment is for when taking a leave of absence from home or work is not an option. If staying in the home environment is safe and will keep you sober. Outpatient treatment can cost less than inpatient treatment. Sober living is a good option if going home is going to cause relapse or a little more recovery time is needed. Sober living involves being around people who have similar experiences, this can help make the transition to sobriety easier and relapse absent. No matter which treatment, recovery is the goal.

Tips to suppress substance abuse during the holidays

Seeking treatment to quit an addiction is the safest way to stop substance abuse and prevent relapse. Remember during the holidays partaking in alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs does not make the holiday season. Here are a couple of tips to help fight off using substances during the holiday season. 

  • Limit triggers – It is important to identify what your triggers are and take notice of your warning signs. Taking care of basic needs first such as food and sleep will help manage triggers. Limit being around environments that could cause a trigger. 
  • Create Boundaries – Unfortunately, boundaries will be tested during the holiday season, so it is important to be ready with responses. Rehearse declining drinks or drugs from others.
  • Be Intentional about any invitation acceptance – Celebrating and having parties is a part of the holiday season. It is acceptable to decline certain invitations that could be unhealthy for recovery and staying sober. 
  • Set up a plan – Plan ahead to be around people who may encourage substance abuse. This could mean bringing safe food, and drinks, or creating an exit plan when in an unpleasant situation. 
  • Find a support group – Regularly engaging in healthy relationships provides support to stay sober. Finding group meetings like 12- step ones is also beneficial during the holiday season. Find people who are also staying sober through the holiday season. 
  • Trying something new – Instead of sticking to old customs that promote substance abuse and triggers try new ones. Instead of sitting around, start cooking with friends, watch holiday movies, and enjoy a hike. It is important to remember to be doing things with people who promote recovery and being sober. 
  • Practice mindfulness – Studies have shown mindfulness practice is a protective factor against cravings and substance abuse. Mindfulness will help aid with the stressors associated with the holiday season.

Christmas Family

If ready to quit addiction and enjoy the holiday season help is only a phone call away. Learn more about Vanity Wellness addiction recovery services at (866) 587 -1737 

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