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First Responders in Recovery: Emergency Medical Services


First responders perform a crucial role. Everyone depends on them to help others when they are vulnerable. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers have a unique set of skills and often need to employ those skills in fast-paced, high-intensity situations. First responders are expected to make split-second decisions while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. There is a critical need for EMS workers, but the job can be traumatic. Due to the uniquely difficult nature of their job, EMS professionals may benefit from recovery programs focused on helping them address their specialized work environment. What Do First Responders Experience? First responders are [...]

First Responders in Recovery: Emergency Medical Services2022-07-08T14:22:40+00:00

What If I Have More Than One Disorder?


Being diagnosed with a mental health or substance use disorder (SUD) can be overwhelming. It is important to recognize that the prevalence of people that struggle with dual diagnoses exceeds 7.7 million adults annually. Although treatment for dual diagnoses is challenging and complex, it is essential to understand that it is possible to manage and overcome multiple co-occurring conditions. What Is a Dual-Diagnosis Disorder? A person with a dual diagnosis has both a mental health disorder and a co-occurring SUD. Nearly half of people that struggle with a mental health disorder will also experience SUD, or vice versa, at some point [...]

What If I Have More Than One Disorder?2022-05-19T09:13:05+00:00
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