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Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) Treatment- Success at Your Job


Unfortunately, it can be very common to neglect seeking treatment while holding down a job. Even when you know you need help, you may resist doing so for various reasons. You may find that you are avoiding treatment because you are worried about stigma and job loss as well as future discrimination against you. Coming back to work after detox, rehab, and recovery can be daunting. When you return to work, you are protected by guidelines and policies in place thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA). These protections are based on [...]

Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) Treatment- Success at Your Job2022-08-08T22:21:48+00:00

There Is Hope: Substance Use Disorder (SUD) During Pregnancy


In the United States, one of the most stigmatized and abused populations includes people with substance use disorder (SUD). The judgment and bias against this population only seem to increase if individuals become pregnant. Being demonized for a chronic and progressive illness and being charged with a felony for a positive drug screen while being pregnant are morally wrong. People become fearful for their safety and the safety of their children, including their unborn child. When people are fearful and unwelcome by the medical community, they avoid the services that they desperately need. This is unnecessarily detrimental to the health of [...]

There Is Hope: Substance Use Disorder (SUD) During Pregnancy2022-09-13T20:08:26+00:00

It Takes a Village: The Importance of Community During Recovery


People who have been sober for a significant amount of time will tell you that it is imperative to avoid isolation at all costs. Staying connected with a recovery community is important because isolation is the enemy and it is a common factor in relapses. An alumni program can be a vital part of your aftercare plan. When your aftercare plan is being written, engage with your care team and ask them to help you design a plan that works for you. Make sure the plan includes support from a program, sober peer support, and group interactions. You yourself must be [...]

It Takes a Village: The Importance of Community During Recovery2022-07-08T21:24:45+00:00

We Treat the Whole Person. What Does That Mean?


There are thousands of substance use rehabilitation centers across the United States. When looking for a treatment center for you or your loved one, it is important to consider what factors set standard treatment apart from exceptional treatment. While nearly all treatment centers are rooted in traditional therapeutic methods, holistic approaches enhance the effectiveness of treatment by tuning into all of a person's unique physical and psychological needs. Evolution of Treatment When treatment for mental health and substance use issues first developed, it focused primarily on treating a specific and narrow problem. There are many treatment centers that still utilize this [...]

We Treat the Whole Person. What Does That Mean?2022-05-19T10:00:13+00:00
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