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Adjusting to Adulthood


Helping Young Adults Gain the Confidence They Need to Lead Their Life The concept of "adulting" has gained popularity in recent years, referring to the process of transitioning into adulthood and taking on responsibilities such as making decisions about one's career and personal life. For many young adults, the transition into adulthood can be overwhelming and intimidating. These newfound responsibilities and challenges create a heavy amount of stress, which can often lead to addiction. It’s important to recognize these adjustments and take the necessary steps to ensure that we are equipped with confidence rather than various substances. Financial Adjustment One important [...]

Adjusting to Adulthood2022-12-15T21:52:11+00:00

Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) Is a Family Matter


When a parent or caretaker suffers from substance use disorder (SUD), the impact on the household can be chaotic and traumatic. This can cause an unpredictable and unsafe environment for children. Living in an environment impacted by SUD can have negative effects on children and their future. In families that have a genetic predisposition to mental health disorders and SUD, children have a higher risk of developing a mental health disorder and/or SUD. Therefore, it is imperative that families in these situations are supported through family and group therapy in order to help the entire family and promote better long-term outcomes for [...]

Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) Is a Family Matter2022-07-22T07:00:00+00:00

Substance Abuse Disorder and Homelessness Are Interconnected


Substance use disorder (SUD), and mental illness frequently go hand in hand. Both of these conditions can also occur in people who are experiencing homelessness. These three situations can exacerbate each other. Often, attempts to treat just one of these factors should include dealing with the other two factors simultaneously. Usually, it is difficult to treat just one of these issues if the other two are present. Generally speaking, all three conditions need to be addressed simultaneously. Stigma and negative stereotyping can cause misinformation about all three conditions. Programs attempting to treat any of these three conditions must include a multipronged [...]

Substance Abuse Disorder and Homelessness Are Interconnected2022-07-26T17:14:43+00:00

Perceptions of Substance Abuse in Women


The gender gap in substance use disorders (SUDs) is narrowing, with women now comprising a more significant proportion of those affected than in the past. Women are more likely to escalate from initial use to dependence, and they also tend to have poorer treatment outcomes. Gender differences in social factors such as stress exposure and coping mechanisms may play a role in these disparities. Ultimately, this knowledge can be used to develop more tailored prevention and treatment approaches for women. The Phenomena of "Telescoping" Recent research also indicates that gender can affect individuals' response to drugs as well as their likelihood [...]

Perceptions of Substance Abuse in Women2022-06-15T21:43:29+00:00

First Responders in Recovery: Firefighters


Among first responders, firefighters endure specific types of catastrophes unique to their field. The possible lack of control and unpredictable nature of the job proves to be occupational risks that create stress for these emergency responders. If stress and trauma are left untreated, firefighter dependence on drugs and alcohol may increase. On-the-Job Trauma The types of work conditions for firefighters entail exposure to dangerous, emotionally draining, and physically-demanding situations. Based on a 2011 study on “Sleep Problems, Depression, Substance Use, Social Bonding, and Quality of Life in Professional Firefighters” published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, firefighters reported numerous [...]

First Responders in Recovery: Firefighters2022-05-19T22:58:53+00:00
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