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Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Does Trauma Contribute to Substance Use?


The following contains sensitive material regarding sexual abuse and its aftereffects. We all have experienced trauma in our lives at some point, but arguably the most egregious is in the form of sexual abuse. It doesn’t discriminate and the resulting trauma often forces its victims to turn to substance abuse. Sexual Abuse And The Aftereffects Simply put, sexual abuse is a sexual act or behavior that is forced upon someone without their consent. Most of us think of rape and molestation when we hear the term, but non-contact sexual acts such as exposure can be just as damaging.  In a male-dominated [...]

Sexual Abuse and Addiction: Does Trauma Contribute to Substance Use?2022-12-20T18:33:06+00:00

Detoxification: 4 Substances & What to Expect


  #1: Methamphetamine detox According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, methamphetamine withdrawal may lead to a number of psychological risk factors that make the process of detoxification both difficult and dangerous. Common symptoms include anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, depression, hallucinations, irritability, hostility, fatigue, and cravings.   #2: Alcohol detox The alcohol detox timeline or level of intensity needed for effective alcohol withdrawal management will depend on the severity of the addiction, the magnitude of alcohol dependence, and the risk of experiencing a complicated withdrawal. Common Symptoms (Severe): Hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), diaphoresis (sweating), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat). Increased systolic blood pressure. Tachypnea [...]

Detoxification: 4 Substances & What to Expect2022-10-04T16:23:30+00:00

Why Boredom Is Bad for Addiction?


  Addiction. Boredom. It happens. However, what’s happening in the brain of someone who is addicted and bored? It is helpful to remember that addiction is a disease of the brain. Boredom can trigger relapses and is frequently cited as a reason why people relapse after recovery. Therefore, the engagement of your mind becomes critical in staying clean. The statistical odds of relapse are already very likely. Below are a few of the stats: 90% of heroin user’s relapse. 90% of people with an alcohol addiction relapse. 23% of cocaine user’s relapse. 88% of methamphetamine user’s relapse. 71% of marijuana user’s relapse. Hallucinogen addicts have a 42% chance of relapse. [...]

Why Boredom Is Bad for Addiction?2022-09-30T18:02:11+00:00

All in the Family: How the Home Environment Impacts Teens and Addiction


Being a teenager is tough. They face peer pressure in order to fit in, not to mention the intimidating and unpredictable transition to adulthood. These things can cause stress, which oftentimes leads down a dark path of substance abuse that is difficult to deviate from. Many teens turn to substances due to low self-esteem or as a result of social outcasting. While the world environment certainly plays a big part in needing addiction treatment, the impact the family environment has on teens cannot be overlooked.  How Family Plays a Role in Addiction In some of us, the brain is more wired [...]

All in the Family: How the Home Environment Impacts Teens and Addiction2022-12-21T00:40:37+00:00

What Does ‘Treating the Whole Person’ Mean?


Recovering from addiction is a time for you to rediscover yourself. While you are taking the time to get to know yourself better, we believe your treatment team should adapt their plans to who it is that you want to become. Here at Vanity Wellness Center, we believe detox and recovery are about more than hospital beds and meeting with counselors and doctors. Our focus is on treating the client as a whole, which means getting to know them and adapting our treatments to fit their lifestyle. By understanding what you need and who you want to be, helping you rediscover [...]

What Does ‘Treating the Whole Person’ Mean?2022-10-04T16:26:43+00:00

How Does Addiction Halt Life Progress?


When someone develops substance use disorder (SUD), their entire life revolves around feeding their addiction. People will sacrifice relationships, finances, and the ability to go to work and school in order to obtain their drug of choice. The fixation on the addictive substance prevents someone from developing into the person they want to be, and it will take personalized treatment to ensure they recover fully. There are three ways that addiction can halt life progress for an individual. #1. Addiction Stunts Emotional Growth People usually start using drugs and alcohol because they are trying to deal with traumatic situations or distressing [...]

How Does Addiction Halt Life Progress?2022-07-13T23:03:31+00:00

How Does Addiction Affect Men and Women Differently?


The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that nearly 10% of adults in the U.S. will experience addiction, and 75% of these adults will not receive any treatment. Addiction is an illness and it does not care if you are rich or poor, black or white, or a man or a woman. Addiction can grab hold of anyone and derail their life. Seeking treatment is critical to ensuring you recover from addiction and move on to the next chapter of your life. However, addiction treatment should never be a one-size-fits-all approach; it should be holistic. Although addiction can affect anyone, [...]

How Does Addiction Affect Men and Women Differently?2022-07-13T16:08:23+00:00

Young People, Addiction, and Stigma


Misunderstandings regarding the relationship between young people, addiction, and stigma can be harmful to those with a substance use disorder (SUD). Stigma involves negative and often inaccurate beliefs that society has about individuals with SUDs and co-occurring mental health disorders. The fear of judgment by others is often why many young adults don't seek help. Receiving treatment early on in their addiction reduces their chance of a more complicated and drawn-out recovery. It is important to understand why younger generations get hooked on substances, the roots of stigmatization in society, and why prompt treatment is needed. Why Do Young People Use [...]

Young People, Addiction, and Stigma2022-05-19T10:04:37+00:00
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